Sing for Vitamin D

Brazilians love the sun, and they believe that constant sun exposition is enough to give all the Vitamin D levels our body needs. In order to change that misconception, we created a campaign for Depura® that uses some of the many Brazilians songs about the sun and the summer, changing the lyrics a little bit to warn the public about the importance of getting proper Vitamin D supplementation.

“País Tropical” (song by Jorge Ben)

I live in a tropical Country / where a big amount of people have low Vitamin D levels.

Did you know that living in a sunny Country doesn’t guarantee that you have proper Vitamin D levels?



“Quando o sol bater” (song by Legião Urbana)

When the sun hits your room’s window / remember that being always in close environments can affect your Vitamin D levels.

Did you know that sun exposition is fundamental to Vitamin D production, but your lifestyle might be affecting it?



“Garota de Ipanema” (song by Tom Jobim)

Tall and tanned and young and lovely girl from Ipanema / you also need Vitamin D.

Did you know that even living in a Tropical Country you might need Vitamin D supplementation?



“Morena Tropicana” (song by Alceu Valença)

Tropical brunette, I want / your Vitamin D levels to be healthy.

Did you know that black people need more time in the sun to produce the same amount of Vitamin D than white people?


“Cidade Maravilhosa” (Carnival popular song)

Wonderful city, full of enchantment / but with pollution levels that can jeopardize Vitamin D production.

Did you know that the pollution from big cities filter sun rays and can low your Vitamin D levels?