Dare To Live

25,915 days.
That’s the life expectancy of the average human being.
Just 25,915 days.
Will you have more?
Will you have less?
It’s impossible to know.
But what really matters is what you will do with the ones that you have.
Will you live a thousand lives?
Laugh a million laughs?
Fall in love?
Fall ill?
Care for someone else who has?
Whatever life gives you, Teva dares you to make the most of each and every moment.
Dare to make your world broader, larger, deeper.
Dare to take good care of your own body and get the most out of it.
Dare to challenge your own mind.
Push it. Expand it.
Go ahead.
We’ve been prepared for 110 years to assist you on that.
Making over 35,000 different kinds of medicine.
Touching over 200 million people every day.
And offring services and tools that help people get healthy and stay healthy.
Life is a daring journey.
And each and every day should be… could be… can be better.
For patients, caregivers, physicians.
For all of us.
Make your life a movement.
It’s impossible to know how many days we have.
So dare to live yours.


This was our contribution to Havas Group during the international launch of Teva’s new global brand positioning, called “We Make Better Days”.

This manifesto video below I wrote and edited myself. You can check it if I gave you the password.